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Diego Moroder




Diego Moroder

-voice /
acustic rhytm guitar-



age: 1989

height: 1,75m

hobbies: singing, playing guitar, graphics, meeting friends, photography, skiing,
coffee,... ;-)
There's no sin on the alp!



tobias klassen



Tobias Klassen "Tobi"





age: 1988

height: 1.70m

hobbies: playing the piano, guitar, computer, NO SPORTS, physics. "watten", playing "WoW"!


Egon Verginer




Egon Verginer "Gig"

-lead guitar / voice-




age: 1988

height: 1.75m

hobbies: playing guitar, skiing, meet friends, sports, constructions


Diego Demetz




Diego Demetz "Diogo"

-rhytm guitars-



age: 1985

height: 1,83m

hobbies: driving, motorbike,
skiing, meet friends, playing guitar


Bean Holzknecht



Bean Holzknecht "Beon"

-drums / accordeon / voice-



age: 1988

height: 1.85m

hobbies: flying with all you can imagine, helicopters, skiing, playing the "steyrische", playing drums, driving, not just cars, but also snowcats and motor sledges, meet friends, sports, WLF!!!!



tobias klassen



Christian Hofer "Chris"





age: 1979

height: 1.82m

hobbies: music, bouldering, skiing, cross country skiing







Martin Kostner "Zaramin"

- tech equipment-




age: 1985

height: 1.70m

hobbies: driving with the snowcat, playng bass & guitar, technic & electronics

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Skype Names:


Diego Moroder - diegomoroder
Kostner Martin - martinzaramin
egon verginer - egongig
Bean Holzknecht - beon88
Dioggo - diego_demetz

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